Rockdale Commissioner Sherri Washington facing disbarment up against new allegations

Another woman claiming to be a victim of attorney and Rockdale County Commissioner Sherri Washington has come forward. 

The FOX 5 I-Team reported how a State Bar of Georgia Disciplinary board has recommended Washington be disbarred as a lawyer.

Another former client has come forward to said she too is a victim of Commissioner Washington.

Cece Carr sells pound cakes out of Rockdale County, often delivering them from her car. 

"Service with a smile," she said. 

But, she wasn't smiling when she saw her lawyer in a FOX 5 I-Team investigation on TV.

"I was shocked. I was aghast. I was like wow," Carr said. 

Her lawyer was Sherri Washington who is also a Rockdale County Commissioner.  

Earlier, FOX 5 reported how two women paid Washington for legal work, only to have her either not show up at key times during the trial or in Tracy Belcher's case not show up at all. 

"We don't have no money. And she's still sitting on the commission board getting paid, and we're out here suffering. I'm not understanding," Tracy Belcher said.

The I-Team caught up with Washington as she headed into a commission meeting.

Reporter: "What do you say to Tracy Belcher?"

Washington: "I wish her well."

While the I-Team was reasearching this story, it discovered the State Bar of Georgia had done its own investigation of Sherri Washington based on similar complaints from other clients.

The State Bar’s Disciplinary Review board recommended Washington lose her law license. She is fighting the disbarment. 

"When one person hurts, we all hurt. And I didn’t want to be hurt anymore,"Carr said. 

Cece Carr said she hired Sherri Washington in early 2021 to help her with a bad water heater repair job at her home.

"Since she was a county commissioner and she was recommended, I went to her and put down a retainer," Carr said. 

She wanted Sherri Washington to file a lawsuit against the contractor.

Cece Carr said it took her months to come up with $1000 to hire Washington. She said after paying Sherri Washington her lawyer did no work during the next year.

"She didn’t do anything and if she did, she didn’t communicate," Carr whispered.

Then Carr said she got a startling information. A friend told her about the State Bar Investigation and that Washington could lose her law license. 

So, she texted her lawyer a year after hiring her. She still had the texts. She wrote: "Request refund $1,000. No service was provided for legal work."  

The answer: Washington texted she didn’t have the $1,000 to return to her so "either we move for me representing you or you can do whatever you need to do."

Reporter: "You decided not to use her as your attorney?"

Carr: "Well, what was she doing?"

She saw no point in staying with Commissioner Washington. She said she never got her money back. And, she never got her day in court. 

Then, one night she watched TV and saw the I-Team's story. 

Carr:  "Shocked and angry at the same time, because she got money I need."

Reporter: "And where does she work?"

Carr: "She works at the county Commissioners. Rockdale County on top of that" 

The Georgia Supreme Court is expected to make a final ruling in the Sherri Washington case sometime in the spring.