Road rage ends in shooting

A metro Atlanta man said he was shot in the head during a case of road rage.

The man's name is Lee. He said he only wanted to use his first name because he doesn't want the guys who shot him to track him down.

Lee said he was driving in Rex, Georgia around 1 a.m. June 21st when the driver of another car beeped his horn, pulled in front of him, and slammed on the brakes. Lee said he and the other driver both got on Interstate 675 and the driver continued to pull in front of him then slam on the brakes for several miles. He said he turned on to Interstate 285 and that's when gunfire erupted.

"It felt like someone hit me in the head with a 2x4. BAM! I looked up and saw a hole in the windshield right in front of my head," said Lee.

The bullet pierced the windshield of his truck and lodged in his head. His skull is fractured, bones in his face are shattered and his vision is blurry. After 4 days and Grady, he has more surgeries in his future.

The two men who were in the car kept going. Lee got the tag number, but the tag turned out to be stolen.

Lee wants to warn other drivers of the dangerous consequences of road rage. "Be very careful of road rage. I never expected them to shoot me!" said Lee.

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