Reward offered in connection to Butts County man increased again to $30K

The Butts County Sheriff's Office has increased the reward for any information that helps solve the murder of Derrick Denson to $30,000.

 "It's hard not seeing him every day. We just want some closure, that's all," said Sammy Denson, Derrick Denson’s brother. 

He says to this day, 5 years after his brother was killed, it’s still difficult to talk about him. 

His wife Tammy Denson says while the killer is still on the loose, the family's wound is still fresh.

"It's just like it happened yesterday," she said. 

In January of 2019, three masked men entered the home on Shoemaker street where Derrick and two family members were.  

Investigators believe the men were trying to rob them.

A struggle ensued, and one of their guns went off, hitting and killing Denson.

"I don't know how they sleep at night because we don't sleep at night," Tammy Denson said. 

Five years later, the Butts County Sheriff's Office has not made any arrests.

"This investigation is our number one priority… this case sits on my desk every day… it's not away in some filing cabinet," said Butts County Sheriff's Investigator Lt. Matt Munger. He says that's why Sheriff Gary Long has increased the reward from $15,000 to $30,000 Friday.

The money is mostly from the Sheriff’s Office funds, but a few thousand is from Crime Stoppers. 

Munger says they've gathered a lot of evidence over the years and have several people they're investigating.

But they still need someone to come forward.

"If this investigation was a puzzle of 100 pieces, we have 99 of them. We need that last piece. And we believe that somebody in the community has that piece of the puzzle," Munger said. 

 The family hopes the large reward of $30,000 will finally be enough incentive for someone to do the right thing and get justice for  Derrick.

"We're hoping that'll get somebody moving and give us some answers," Tammy Denson said. 

Lieutenant Munger says to call the Butts County Sheriff's Office at  (770) 775-8216 and ask for him. 

You can remain anonymous and still be eligible for the $30,000 reward.

You can also submit a tip to Crime Stoppers.