Residents left homeless after car crashes into Morrow apartments

Residents at a Clayton County apartment complex say they are without a place to live after a car crashed into the electrical box over the weekend, leaving them in the dark.

Residents say the apartment complex is forcing them out with no assistance.

"It was supposed to be two to three weeks. Then it went from two to three weeks to turn the key in," one resident said.

It’s an impossible hardship for some residents living at the Hampton Downs apartment complex in Morrow.

A crash over Labor Day weekend is forcing them out on the street with no help from the complex.

"A car had come off the highway and ran into the building, and knocked the power out of the unit," the resident said.

Many impacted don’t want to be identified as they fear retaliation from the apartment management.

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Residents in the Hampton Downs apartment complex in Morrow say they have left homeless without any help after a car crashed into the power meters. (FOX 5)

Residents who live in the impacted building say they received the phone call Saturday and was told they needed to be out of the building by Tuesday.

"Mentally, physically, and emotionally, right now. I’m coming out-of-pocket for everything that I do. It’s putting a lot of stress on me. I have to take a lot of days off work," one resident said.

Many say they simply can’t afford to just pick up and move, as rent pricing across the metro Atlanta area soar.

FOX 5 reached out for two days to the apartment complex.

So far, FOX 5 has not heard back other than someone answering the phone and hanging up once our reporter asked questions.

FOX 5 did talk with a Georgia Power spokesperson who says the responsibility is on the complex to make the appropriate fixes. After a county inspector gives the OK, then crews will be able to restore power to those impacted.

Those who are affected say the complex has offered no other unit and no help with hotel bills to compensate for something residents had no control over.

"There are protocols to anything you do in life. There are rules and regulations that everyone has to follow and I think they are stepping the gun and outside the boundary," one resident said.