Residents in a DeKalb County neighborhood fighting proposed multi-use path

Those who live along the South Fork of Peachtree Creek are worried about a proposed multi-use trail. It would be a 12-foot wide concrete path for walkers and bikers, built along the creek and through the backyards of homes in the Victoria Estates neighborhood just north of Emory University’s main campus.

"There are already places in the woods where we can walk, we don't need to destroy pristine forests for this. I don't think that what is being proposed is worth the destruction," said Vera Vogt, a resident.

Residents met with a representative from the PATH Foundation Wednesday night. He said the path would connect to other paths nearby creating a network of trails.

"Part of the reason I moved to my house was for the privacy and greenery, and while I understand everyone’s concern, at the same time, I understand the desire for a path," said one man.

Many residents are concerned about the birds and other animals who live in the nearby forest.

"What are you going to do to ensure during your construction you're protecting our very precious wildlife?" asked one woman.

"I think there are alternative paths available. Without going through the pristine forest and hardwood forest we have that’s really rare in this area," said Susan Morris.

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Residents attend a meeting held by the PATH Foundation discussing a proposed trail through the Victoria Estates neighborhood in DeKalb County on March 8, 2023. (FOX 5)

There are also concerns about property values and safety.

While nothing is set in stone, neighbors feel like plans are being made without their input.

"If it is your neighborhood, you want to know what’s going on before someone comes in and builds something how it's going to affect you, your neighbors, property values," said Bill Lide.