Residents concerned after 18-year-old man found shot dead

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Police are trying to find out who shot a 18-year-old man and left him for dead along a Clayton County roadway, just outside of Riverdale last night.

Investigators found several shell casings around the body and are trying to put the pieces together to determine what happened at the corner of Crystal Lake Drive and Warrington Place about 8 p.m. Thursday.

Sophin Meas, who has lived with his family in the area for 33 years, said gunfire has become a way of life.

"I hear sounds like shooting... ‘Pow, pow, pow.' Then ‘Pow, pow, pow' again, two times. I don't wake up because I hear these shots four times a year," the Clayton County grandfather reveals.

Meas was in the bed sleeping next to his 5-year-old granddaughter when the shots rang out.

Homeowner Matthew Koffron said he heard the shots too, but was not phased.

"I think I heard some pop, pops, but I couldn't see anything. In the neighborhood, I always hear pop pops," the father of three remarked.

Clayton County police said the victim, identified as Richard Lee Jackson Jr., was left lifeless in a grassy area, with shell casings all around him. Some neighbors heard a car speed off, but all that is left now is police tape.

Koffron said this likely murder outside his front door, is just the latest incident in a string of crimes that have affected his family.

"My wife was robbed and my house has been broken into a couple of times," the husband and father revealed.

Anyone with any information about the murder, is asked to contact the Clayton County Police department.