Residents: City Appears in No Hurry to Repair Major Water Leak

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From time to time, Atlanta's massive water system suffers leaks.

There is one in Midtown that is far from typical given the rate of the flow combined with how many days the clean drinking water has been coming out of a main valve.

The leak is on Peachtree Place where riders headed to the nearby MARTA station said the see the flow every day and just shake their heads. They said it has gone on untapped for two weeks.

Lindsey Bentley, a college student, is one of those commuters and stopped to talk about the leak. She recalled in her geology class how the importance of water was stressed.

Another rider, Oliver Haughton, said so much water accumulates on the road a car drove by and splashed him while he was walking.

A city spokesperson said the water department is aware of the leak and classified as a non-emergency.

It is, however, a big leak which will require shutting off service to businesses and condos in the area. So as to cause as little disruption as possible, crews will wait to the weekend to begin the repairs.