Residents Call for DeKalb Interim CEO Resignation

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A town hall canceled by embattled DeKalb County Interim CEO Lee May carried on without him, as a commissioner allowed the show go on with hundreds in attendance.

"He lacks the courage, the integrity and the backbone to face the citizens," one resident said.

May planned a town hall with residents at the Maloof Auditorium then canceled Thursday morning. Inquiries into why were never answered by a county spokesperson, but FOX 5 was told the meeting would be rescheduled for October 26.

"People want to vent. People have concerns and opinions they want to express," said Commissioner Nancy Jester, who decided to preside over the canceled town hall and hold it anyway.

Many residents hoped to have questions answered by May, after a corruption report authored by former Attorney General Mike Bowers alleged improper spending by May and other county officials. The report also called for May's resignation.

At a press conference last week, May called the report "laughable" and said he would not resign.

Plenty of residents held signs at the town hall calling for May's resignation, and an effort by residents to vote incumbent commissioners out of office.

"We need to rise up. Wise up, then rise up," one resident said to the riled-up crowd.