Rescue dog donates blood so kitten can see again

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Credit: Sacramento SPCA

Jemmie, a shih tzu/lhasa apso mix in Sacramento, California has come to the rescue by donating her blood to save a kitten’s eyesight.

Good samaritans found a pair of stray kittens, who are brothers, brought them into the Sacramento SPCA, weighing one pound each. One of the kittens was suffering from ulcers in both eyes.

Enter Jemmie.  She was adopted from the SSPCA in 2011 after her owners surrendered her to the shelter.  She was adopted by an SSPCA staffer and has been helping to raise foster kittens at the SSPCA ever since.  Jemmie cleans the kittens, plays with them and allow the kittens to use her as a “jungle gym.”

In addition to medicated eye drops , the kitten is receiving a special serum made from the donated blood of Jemmie.   The plasma (the liquid part of blood which allows matter like red and white blood cells flow through veins) contains proteins that help speed up the eye healing process.

According to the SSPCA, to start treatment, antibiotics drops are given four times a day and the serum drops are given every two hours for the first two days.  The SSPCA hopes that they will be able to save the kittens eyesight.

For more information on the kittens, call 916-383-7387.