Rep. John Lewis tours 'Black Lives Matter Plaza' with DC mayor

Congressman John Lewis took a tour along the newly renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza that was installed in DC on a road leading to the White House.

The civil rights icon joined DC Mayor Muriel Bowser who authorized the installation on Friday. The “Black Lives Matter” painting, in large yellow letters, spans the width of 16th Street and runs from K Street to H Street at Lafayette Park near the White House.

The mayor also renamed the stretch of road “Black Lives Matter Plaza” as the area has become a focal point for demonstrations in response to the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

Rep. Lewis spoke with FOX 5 DC’s Stephanie Ramirez about the protests.

“It’s very moving. Very moving. Very impressive. I think the people in DC and around the nation are sending a mightily powerful and strong message to the rest of the world that we will get there,” Lewis said.

During Saturday night’s protests, some demonstrations added to the approved “Black Lives Matter” mural writing by writing “= Defund the police” after it.

Rep. Lewis said he didn’t agree with the message, but about those protesters he added “We have to listen to them.”

Mayor Bowser declined to comment on the unauthorized addition.

Crews spent part of Sunday morning repainting portions of the street mural.