Relive your childhood with these retro gift ideas

The games you loved as a child are back for a whole new generation of play!

Speak & Spell


Speak & Spell is back and it’s just like you remember! One of the earliest computerized learning systems from the 70s and 80s, Speak & Spell was the first educational toy designed to help children learn to spell over 200 commonly misspelled words using a speech synthesizer.  With multiple play modes and challenge levels, kids will have fun and learn at the same time!
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Pound Puppies


These classic pound puppies are looking for a loving home!  Authentic reproductions of the original design, they are easy to take care of - just give them a little love and lots of hugs! Each pound puppy includes a sticker sheet, name tag and adoption certificate so you can write in the name you choose for your new pet!
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PacMan K’nex Roller Coaster


The K’NEX Pac-Man roller coaster building set lets your creative builder make a real working roller coaster with amazing Pacman graphics. A motorized chain lift sends the coaster car screaming through twists and turns, trying to avoid getting eaten by Pacman. Perfect for builders ages 9 and up, K’NEX supports key areas of a child’s developmental growth, like fine motor skills, manual dexterity, and spatial awareness. 
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Where in the World Is Carmen San Diego Board Game


Carmen is back and she's every bit as awesome as she was when you were a kid! Play along and help Carmen search for lost loot.  Based on the new animated series form Netflix! 
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Mortal Kombat Mini Arcade Game


Authentic 80's graphics, sounds and gameplay just like you remember! Choose from Mortal Combat, Frogger, PacMan and more! 
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Sonic Plush


Modern Sonic is now available in this high-quality plush featuring its modern 1998 styling. This Sonic plush toy for kids is meticulously detailed and embroidered and is a perfect collectible toy. This super cute 8” stuff toy is ideal for Sonic collectors.
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My Little Pony Rainbow Road Trip Oh My Giggles


When kids tickle oh my giggles Pinkie Pie toy, she starts to giggle, wiggle, and laugh! Tickle her chest to hear Pinkie Pie giggle -- the more she is tickled, the harder she laughs and faster she moves! Sounds and movement can also be activated by a light sensor in the figure's mouth. 
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Power Rangers Lightning Collection


IT’S MORPHIN TIME all over again!  From the Beast Morphers back to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Power Rangers have brought teamwork, action, and adventure to fans. The legacy continues with this 6-inch figure Lightning Collection featuring premium painted details and design inspired by the original series, and multiple points of articulation for high poseability. 
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Transformers Bumble Bee Sting Shot


Still cool after all these years! Bumblebee Sting Shot changes from vehicle to robot mode in 9 steps. The last step of conversion automatically activates Bumblebee figure's signature Sting Shot Action Attack move! Once converted, the attack move can be repeated through easy reactivation steps!
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