Redford father shoots son for "disrespecting" him in his home

A Redford father shot his 22-year-old son on Sunday over an argument about respect.

The incident took place on the 10,000 block of Mercedes Street in Redford.

Dre Wallace, who was in the neighborhood visiting, said it started with the family inside the home arguing.

"As soon as I hear the arguing, right after it follows a gunshot. It’s justne shot boom. That's when my saw my friend, his baby’s mama comes out and says, ‘Dre help him. Somebody help him,’” Wallace said.

When Wallace went inside the home, he said he saw his long-time friend lying on the floor after he had been shot by his own father and you won't believe dad's response.

"I see my friend just lying there – he’s shot, he’s just laying there on the floor -- and I'm like man just be strong bro,” Wallace said. “And the whole time the dad is sitting there looking at everybody crazy, (sayin) this is will happen to anybody that disrespects me in my house.”

Wallace said the father also came outside the home yelling, and admitting to shooting his son.

"This is like my brother, man. I've known this guy for a long, long, very long time … He's a good person. He's not into anything bad. He's got three kids -- three little kids that were in the house right next to him as he shot him,” he said.”

The son is being treated in a nearby hospital and his father, the shooter, is in police custody.

As he was taken away in an ambulance, Wallace said his friend appeared to be in good spirits.

"He was shot in the finger and in the stomach from what I believe. It was so much blood. … He's a very strong guy. He came out … like I’m going to be alright. I know my boy is going to be alright,” he said.