Reaction to Mother Being Robbed in Front of Child

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A terrified Midtown mom is ordered to the ground during an armed robbery that took place in the middle of the day on Saturday.

It wasn't supposed to happen, said Carmen, whose 7-year-old daughter was in the car and saw it unfold.

She said a boy, perhaps 16, was holding the gun and seemed to be taking instructions from two older teens.

After the first attacker got her purse, he was told to go back and get the mom's keys. He again put his gun to her head.

The Midtown homeowner screamed which prompted her husband to come out. He yelled at the three and they ran.

Now, midtown neighbors -- upset over what took place -- have called a meeting and want police brass and city officials to attend.

Guy Drexinger, who heads the Midtown Ponce Security Alliance said what the mom endured was "over the edge".

He is calling for two things -- more police patrols and he will advise his neighbors to increase an internal security fund budget so they can pay for private security over and above what they are already doing.