Rash of violence against law enforcement officers

A rash of violence against law enforcement officers.  Eight officers have been killed by a firearm in the line of duty just this year, six of them happening within one week.

One of those officers, Major Greg Barney of the Riverdale Police Department was shot and killed last week while assisting Clayton County Police with a no-knock warrant.

DeKalb County Police Public Safety Director, Dr. Cedric Alexander said the job of law enforcement has become much more challenging.

“Anytime there is loss of life of a police officer, anytime there is an attack on a police officer, it truly is an attack on a much larger society,” said Dr. Alexander. 

Last week two Hartford County Sheriff Deputies were gunned down at a Panera in Maryland.  The sheriff of Carroll County in Maryland posted a message on Facebook addressed to President Obama.

Sheriff Jim DeWees Post on Facebook:

Dr. Alexander who also serves on The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement believes President Obama has supported law enforcement officers, citing the 21st Century Task Force.

Dr. Alexander said there has been separation in some communities with law enforcement, but adds that there have been tremendous gains.

“I think it is incredibly important for the community at large to understand and be sensitive to the fact that the job men and women go out and do everyday to protect and keep us safe is something we cannot take for granted,” said Dr. Alexander.