Radio personality says she was stunned during traffic stop

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A radio personality says an Atlanta police officer used a Taser on her during a traffic stop.

Qri Montague, who works for 107.9, says she did nothing to warrant that response. The confrontation followed Montague’s repeated request to know why the officer had placed her in handcuffs.

Officer Lemuel Gardner told her she was driving recklessly and could be taken to jail, according to Montague. The 22-year-old woman again asked why she had been handcuffed.

The officer ordered her to sit on the ground. She refused, explaining she had a white jumpsuit on.

The next move by Montague inadvertently escalated the situation. She says she realized she had on apparel from her employer. Montague walked away from the officer to try and take off a company jersey so that it would not be photographed as part of a jail mugshot.

Montague says the officer became angry, yelled at her, and drew his Taser. She says he pressed it against her leg – what is called a “drive-stun” – and fired, leaving prong marks on her leg.

In the end, the officer did not take the radio personality to jail. He gave her traffic citations instead.

What is the officer’s account? The Atlanta Police Department placed him on desk duty pending an internal investigation, but Gardner walked into the APD Office of Professional Standards and handed in his resignation.