Queen Latifah to car thieves: 'It's time to flip it'

When Queen Latifah's Mercedes Benz was stolen at a South Fulton County Gas station, the story made headlines across the country.

The vehicle was recovered later that day, but police still haven't made an arrest in the case.

During an interview with FOX 5's Constance Jones Tuesday morning, Queen Latifah, who's real name is Dana Owens, spoke to the carjackers, who took stole her car back in December.

"I just want them to look at a different way of doing things," she said. "If you can be that skillful in stealing a car, you can be that skillful at doing something positive with your life. It's time to flip it."

The interview was about her starring role in FOX's new show, Star, but when asked about the incident, Queen Latifah took the opportunity to urge Atlanta residents to be vigilant. 

“Be careful at gas stations. Lock your car if you’re pumping gas. Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t be on the cell phone while you’re at a gas station," she said. 

Queen Latifah says she wasn't physically involved in the robbery, but was thankful for the many kinds words and prayers sent her way. 

According to police, someone else who was driving the actress' car- stopped for gas at a Shell station on Fulton Industrial Boulevard.

That's when investigators say a white car pulled up beside him, jumped into Latifah's car and drove off. 

"What I’m more concerned about is the person whose driver's license I found in my car when I got it back three hours later," she said. 

Police discovered the stolen vehicle at an apartment complex on McDaniel's Street.

Authorities have not made an arrest in Latifah's case, but she encourages the thieves to turn their lives around.

"They were real smooth with it, but, at some point, either they’re going to get caught or they’re going to hurt somebody," she said.

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