Purse snatcher tries to outrun football player turned Carrollton cop

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A Carrollton police officer who played Division 1 college football put his speed and agility to good use when it came to taking down a suspected purse snatcher.

Rookie Officer Kip Daily is a former Kansas State defensive back who caught a suspected mugger during his first day on the job on Wednesday.

Heather Carlton was in a Carrollton grocery store parking with her two young daughters when she was robbed.

"He kind of leaned out of his car and he said, ‘I won't point this at you because I see you have kids. But I'm gonna need your purse,’” she recalled.

But within minutes, police had the suspect, Dwight Donnell Homer, in handcuffs thanks to a unique twist of fate.

Dash cam video recorded some of the scene just after the suspect crashed the car he was driving and tried to get away on foot. Among the responding officers was Officer Daily.

With the officer’s background in college football, running extremely fast is something the rookie officer does quite well. Officer Daily jumped out of his squad car after the officer he was with told him to go for it and go get him.

The officer was able to quickly capture the suspect and got Carlton her wallet back and her cell phone. She says her two small children never knew anything bad happened.

“We’re glad he’s on our team now,” Carrollton PD said.

Officer Daily declined an interview with FOX 4. He said he just wanted to focus on his new job.

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