Protesters hold anti-Trump rally in Atlanta

It was a day of protests in cities across the country Saturday as hundreds took to the streets to call for President Donald Trump's resignation.

Atlanta's "Refuse Fascism Rally" took place in the Little Five Points neighborhood. It was one of the 20 rallies being held that day.

Law enforcement was at the protest, and Atlanta police officers barricade the area to ensure everything was peaceful. There were no acts of violence reported.

Once the rain started, the crowd scattered.

Protestor Susan Riba said she wanted to protest because she didn't want to "stand on the side of doing nothing."

"It worked in the 60s when I did it, and I'm doing it again," she said. "It, it doesn't work, I gave it my best and I gave it my all."

Trump supporter Nathan Davis showed up at the protest wearing a "Make America Great Again" red baseball cap.

"If they can't show up to their own protest that says a lot about their movement and how dedicated to their cause they actual are," he said.