Protesters demonstrate outside R. Kelly concert

Around 20 protesters gathered outside the R&B singer R. Kelly's concert in South Fulton County, Friday night, while thousands more packed the Wolf Creek Amphitheater in anticipation of the concert.

The group, which goes by #muteRKelly and chanted its namesake to entrants, insists the Grammy winner shouldn't be allowed to perform after allegations surfaced he held women against their will at a home in Johns Creek. 

"I've been an R. Kelly fan a long time. it's disturbing to know the type of reports we are hearing," said a concerned mother, who brought her young daughter.

Many fans were unfazed by the allegations, which have not brought forth any criminal charges.

"Who are we to judge?" one woman said.

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Kelly has denied the accusations and lambasted any efforts to cancel the concert by Fulton County officials. And Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard says, although his office is looking over the police file for the case, it hasn't opened a criminal investigation. 

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The former Fulton County Commission Chair John Eaves and other commissioners tried to get concert promoter Live Nation to cancel the event at the Wolf Creek Amphitheater. Eaves said the contract prohibited Fulton County from cancelling on its obligations.

Eaves, who resigned to run for mayor, tells FOX 5 that attorneys with the county are researching the possibility that a "morality clause" be added to contracts, to allow the county to choose to cancel any future concerts.