Prosecutors suggest money motive in Tex McIver murder trial

Fulton County prosecutors who claim Tex McIver intentionally killed his wife Diane suggest the motive may have been money.

The Buckhead attorney said he shot his wife while dozing off to sleep while in the rear of the couple's vehicle. Diane was seated directly in front of him. The reason McIver was holding a weapon is that he was concerned about the safety of the in which neighborhood they were driving.

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Prosecutor Clint Rucker asked a witness, lawyer Harold Hudson, about a farm in Putnam County jointly owned by the husband and wife. Hudson testified he tried to structure a tax plan for the couple that would save them money. It also would result in the survivor being left with total ownership of the property.

The prosecutor said the wife objected because she wanted her half of the property interest to go to her god child if she died first.  

Prosecutor Rucker described the discussion as a heated argument. Hudson did not describe it that way. He only said they disagreed about the matter.

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The issue came up during the second day of motions hearings in the closely watched case.

The defense is attempting to limit the information the district attorney can present to a jury.

In an earlier interview with FOX 5 News, Tex McIver denied he sought his wife's cash. In fact, he said, Diane's resources amounted to about one-half of his.