Prosecutor shot by husband appointed to new position

The Fulton County prosecutor who was shot by her husband and left for dead has been appointed to a new position by Governor Brian Kemp.

The shooting left April Ross, 37, paralyzed. She had just filed for divorce two days prior to the April 25, 2014, shooting. After several surgeries and intense therapy, April has regained her independence and is even driving now, but she says she will never forget the day that changed her life forever.

"There's no way to black it out. There is no way to black out any of my life with him. I was with him since the 11th grade in high school," Ross recalled.

Trenard McConell turned the gun on himself later that day. 

Ross was the youngest prosecutor on the infamous Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal Case. 

She now navigates through life with service dog Hershie. 

She says a loving support system fuels her and keeps her wanting more as she dedicates much of her life to facing domestic abuse head-on, being a survivor herself.

Governor Brian Kemp has appointed Ross, the executive director of The Georgia Commission on Family Violence.  

"What better to do than put my energy into something that now I had a fire in my belly about. Helping other people not go through what I went through," Ross reflects. 

She is excited about her new challenge. 

"Once I realized this was really happening I got the butterflies and that overwhelming sense of excitement, that this is huge,"  Ross reflected. 

"I am definitely, excited, humbled, honored, nervous because I want to do a good job. It is such important purpose that this commission has. I want to get in there and make a difference, Ross exclaimed. 

The Fulton County Commission will honor April for her courage and her determination with a proclamation during Wednesday's meeting.