Proposed ordinance could help make the Atlanta BeltLine safer

There’s a new plan in the works to make the BeltLine safer for pedestrians.

Atlanta city Council member Jason Dozier wants to change zoning regulations that he says will protect people who are walking from harm’s way.

Dozier is looked at data from Propel ATL and the Georgia Department of Transportation. He says there have been 14 pedestrian fatalities on the BeltLine since 2015 with eight of those in the past two years. So, he proposes three solutions to being those numbers down.

"We’re trying to limit new gas stations from being built in a community like this, limit new breakthroughs, just can’t be a drive-through associated with it and take city out of it with parking," Dozier said.

The gas stations especially, he says, contribute to congestion. Under his plan, new gas stations would exist half a mile away from the BeltLine.

The city council will be taking public comment on the plan during a meeting yet to be announced in the next few weeks.