Proposed new rules for ATV drivers

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It's happened dozens and dozens of times, packs of ATVs zooming down Atlanta city streets, with seemingly no respect for the rules of the road, or other drivers. An Atlanta City Councilwoman said she can no longer sit back and watch as they take over the streets.

Councilwoman Joyce Sheperd held a public meeting Tuesday night to talk about ways to put the brakes on the ATV drivers. Sheperd said she supports proposed state legislation that would require ATV riders to have a license. Sheperd also proposed a city resolution that would require ATVs to be registered.

“Through registration, we'll know what the tag number is so we can track them,” said Sheperd.

Atlanta Police Deputy Chief Jeff Glazier said while requiring drivers to have a license and registration is a good first step, there are many drivers that will continue to dangerously race down the streets.

“The lawlessness that we see on the ATVs and running through intersections, riding on lawns and city parks, all of that also has to be addressed, and I don't think this legislation addresses, that but I think it could be a help,” said Deputy Chief Glazier.

The proposed state legislation, House Bill 83, calls for ATV riders to have a license, is scheduled to be discussed at the Capitol Wednesday morning.

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