President-elect Joe Biden speaks one-on-one with FOX 5

President-elect Joe Biden was in Atlanta Tuesday to headline a rally encouraging Georgians to vote early for Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in the upcoming U.S. Senate runoffs.

Ossoff faces incumbent Republican Sen. David Perdue and Warnock hopes to unseat newly appointed Sen. Kelly Loeffler.

In a one-on-one interview with FOX 5 after the rally, Biden explained why winning the two Senate seats would help him accomplish some of his goals more quickly.

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"They share my values and my views in terms of what needs to be done in terms of jobs, the economy, winning back the ability for people to get good-paying jobs and making sure we take care of people now," Biden said of Ossoff and Warnock. "Their opponents have sided with President Trump all the way down the line, who doesn't share that value."

As healthcare officials distribute the first COVID-19 vaccines in the U.S. this week, President-elect Biden said he is working with the Trump administration on the logistics of Operation Warp Speed, but said his team needs to learn more in order to implement what he thinks needs to be done.

"It's not enough just to get the vaccine to a physical location. The much more difficult place is getting it from that container into a needle, inject it in someone's arm all across the country so everybody has it available to them free and accessible," explained Biden.

The President-elect also addressed the ongoing claims of voter irregularities and fraud in Georgia's election.

"Look what your own Republican Secretary of State has done. Look what your own Republican Governor has done here in the state. He's not nullified five million votes here because he knows there was nothing that was done wrong," Biden said. "The recount has occurred three times in Georgia--three times."

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