Predominantly Black church shot at on Juneteenth, police say not racially motivated

Police found two bullets at a predominantly Black church on the morning of Juneteenth, causing some on social media to wonder if the shots were the result motivated by race.

Officers responded to the call Saturday at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Oconee County, but they say they don’t believe it was racially motivated.

Photo: Ashley Soriano/FOX 5 Atlanta

The historic church is located on a dirt road in Farmington.

Members of the congregation gathered last Saturday, and when they arrived they found two bullet holes in the front door. 

One member, who did not want to be on camera, told FOX 5 she was shocked, but she does not believe it was a hate crime. She said everyone gets along in the small town.

The chairman of the church, who also did not want to be on camera, said he is pleased with how quickly police responded. They came out again on Monday with the crime lab unit.

He said the bullets caused some damage inside the church, costing around $1,500 in repairs.

Photo: Ashley Soriano/FOX 5 Atlanta

The chairman agrees that this most likely was not a hate crime.

The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office says they have leads, but no suspect.

In the meantime, the church plans to install cameras in the coming weeks.