Prayer vigil following recent tragic events

Clayton County community leaders, members and law enforcement officers came together Wednesday evening to worship following the recent tragic events across our country.

“We are not here to debate any issues, we are here tonight to stand together as a community both law enforcement and citizens to pray for our community and our country,” said Clayton County Police Chief Michael Register.

Chief Register said he organized the prayer vigil to strengthen, repair and maintain the relationship between law enforcement and the community.

“The angriest people pertaining to the officers that go out and violate the trust of the public are their fellow officers,” said Chief Register.  “We are the ones who need to sweep up after the bad cops.”

About 100 attended the prayer vigil at New Macedonia Baptist Church praying for healing and justice.

Some community members said police brutality is a problem in our nation, but as citizens the uniform needs to be respected as well. 

“We see the signs that say black lives matter and it do, but all lives matter whether you are an officer or citizen, their lives matter,” said Lester Copeland who attended the prayer vigil.

Some church members said standing divided is not going to bring any solutions, but standing as one will and they believe that can be achieved through the power of prayer

“I trust in the power of prayer,” said Viola Miller who also attended the prayer vigil.  “Today in this world and everything that is going on oh my god we needs it.”