Prayer service held in Midtown Atlanta for Orlando shooting victims

Hundreds of miles from Orlando, a service to remember those killed in the mass shooting was held in midtown Atlanta. All Saints' Episcopal Church was packed Monday night.

Many people showed up looking for comfort and answers. “We can't wrap our heads around it, but we're going to pray and we hope everybody of every faith, shape, size and sexual orientation is behind us, and I think they are,” says Bob Tick.

Keith Hollingsworth also attended the service. He says he's been keeping up with all the latest developments in the shooting. “It hurts our hearts so much to know this occurred and you want to show solidarity to those in Orlando and to all my friends here,” says Hollingsworth.

Bishop Robert Wright said we're all struggling for answers, but it's important to remember that evil is real, but God is bigger than evil. “I hope this outrageous thing keeps you from giving in to hate,” says Bishop Wright.

The Bishop received applause when he questioned the need for assault style rifles like the AR-15 used by suspected gunman Omar Mateen. “50 people dead, In part because of a weapon that has the ability to fire off rounds so quickly,” says Bishop Wright.

The Bishop encouraged everyone to find strength in each other and to go out into the world and lighten up the darkness.

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