Port Orange senator wants limits to drone use by sex predators

When drones first came out, they were hard to come by and expensive. Now, you can get one for as little as $100,  or a top end one for about $1,000. With more and more stores carrying drones, Florida State Sen. Dorothy Hukill is fearful just anyone can get their hands on one. Including sex predators.  "The technology itself is wonderful. The technology in the wrong hands is not," says Sen. Hukill, R-Port Orange.

Hukill came up with Senate Bill 510 which bans the use of drones by convicted sexual predators in certain areas. The legislation would help protect minors from being photographed or recorded while at the minor's home, at a business, school, child care facility, park, playground, or other place where children regularly gather.

Hukill says, "I think it's important to protect our children. The drone technology is wonderful, it's got all kind of exciting uses that we don't even know about at this point, however in the wrong hands, in the hands of a sexual predator, it can be used to cause harm to our children."

Business and commercial use of drones is currently regulated by the FAA and this bill does not affect that.