Porch pirate caught on camera stealing aging dog's medication

Courtney Woods wondered why anyone would want to run off with her aging dog’s supplements, but that is just what a porch pirate did recently right in front of her home. His crime was caught on surveillance camera.

It happened not far from Covington Highway near Interstate 285 in Decatur.

A man in dark clothes, a dark hoodie covering his face and carrying a backpack casually walked up to Woods’s home, picked up a box then ran off.

"It definitely upsets me," Woods said.

Amazon, last week, delivered a package to the front of her home. Ring sent her a notification. Then she saw something disturbing.

"Someone just walked up to the door and felt they could just grab my package and then run off straight across my front yard," Woods said.

The package was for her little dog Nixon. The 14-year-old Manchester terrier mix is like family to her.

"My dog is not just my dog. They’re like our kids," she said.

Her pet suffers with chronic pain and has a tough time getting around.

"He has arthritis. He was a little limpy," Woods said.

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That package contained supplements to help ease her dog’s pain.

"It was bone and joint chews for him as well as CBD oil for to help with that arthritis," he said.

Woods says you do not get much lower than stealing from a defenseless animal.

"That’s definitely a very low thing to do in general as well," he said.

Woods says Amazon replaced the supplements right away, but she worries that the crook may steal something even more critical.

"You may not be taking things from a dog the next time. You be taking someone’s life-saving medications," Woods said.

Woods believes the crook may be a teenager. She hopes the adults in his life intervene because one day he may end up stealing from the wrong house.