Polk County Police Chief released from hospital after accident

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(Courtesy: Regina Gentry)

FOX 5 News has learned the Polk County Police Chief was involved in an accident Friday morning. 

Chief Kenny Dodd was driving to work when he noticed a mother and child walking down Highway 278 in front of Polk Medical Center. He was heading westbound but turned around to offer them a ride. 

Investigators said the chief was talking with the mother and child when a truck hit his patrol car from behind, knocking him off the road. 

Chief Dodd was taken to Redmond Regional Medical Center in Rome. He didn't suffer any broken bones, just some bruising, according to officials. He's since been released from the medical center.   

The Georgia State Patrol is now investigating. According to Polk County Public Safety Director Randy Lacey, Chief Dodd had his blue lights on when he was struck. 

Chief Dodd's accident comes just days after he spoke at a funeral for one of his own detectives, Kristen Hearne. The 29-year-old mother was laid to rest on Tuesday after being killed in the line of duty last week. 

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