Polk County parents upset over iPad dispute

Graduation day is just over a week away, but some parents claim their students will not get a perk they were promised.

"It's the entire senior class and they're all upset about it," said Kristina Holder whose son is set to graduate from Cedartown High School.

According to Holder and many other parents, their children were promised as freshmen that if they graduated from high school they would be allowed to buy their school-issued iPad for $1 as a reward.

School administrators, however, told families this week that would not be the case. 

"I really believe that these parents were told this and I believe that students were told this, but my situation is this--I don't know if I have the authority to dispose of property in this manner," explained Superintendent William Hunter. 

The school system bought the iPads in 2012 with a federal Title One grant.  Hunter did not join the school system until later on and he said he has concerns about the legality of "gifting" the iPads to students.

"This issue is about basically giving the iPads to the students," Hunter said.

Previous classes, according to Hunter, were allowed to buy their iPads for the depreciated market price.

"You can't do it for three years and then say, 'Oh, we changed our mind, we can't do it anymore,'" argued Holder. 

Parents said they and their children signed contracts solidifying the $1.00 agreement with the Polk School District, but a contract provided by Hunter read "I agree to return the iPad, case and power cords in good working condition."

Dr. Hunter said the school system's attorney is reviewing the law surrounding property purchased with Title One funding.  He hopes to resolve the issue in time for graduation.