Police: Wounded homeowner who killed home invasion suspect 'acted accordingly'

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The Frankford homeowner who shot and killed a suspect in what police are calling "a failed attempted home invasion robbery" was apparently "acting accordingly while defending his life and property." That's according to their preliminary information.

That father of four fought back against two home invasion suspects, late Monday night, and investigators said the family may have been targeted.  

Police say the family returned to the 1900 block of Pratt Street just before 11pm.

A short time after arriving home, there was a knock on the door and the father answered it. That's when two men forced their way in at gunpoint. The homeowner was also armed and a physical altercation ensued. 

Investigators say there were 11 shots fired between the homeowner and the suspects. One of the suspects was shot in his head and killed. The second suspect fled the scene.

Shell casings were found both inside the house and on the front porch. Two windows were shot out.

The father, 26, was shot in his face and leg. He’s in serious condition but he is expected to survive.

The homeowner's wife had been taking their four young daughters, between the ages of four years and just five months, upstairs to bed. None of them were hurt.

Earlier, FOX 29’s Steve Keeley reported the mother was talking to homicide detectives and the children were staying with other relatives.

Police said they found two semi-automatic handguns, one next to the dead suspect and the second near the homeowner.

According to police, "Also recovered from the scene was a substantial amount of alleged marijuana, packaged in separate plastic bags. The Narcotics Unit was notified and will investigate."

Investigators say they have no description of the second suspect, but are hopeful nearby surveillance footage can help them identify and locate him.