Police: Woman stole 26 cell phones worth $5,000+

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UPDATE: Due to the media coverage of this incident, Gwinnett County investigators says within hours of this story going to air on Monday, July 20, they received several tips about the woman's identity. Police then interviewed 17-year old Taylor Soojung Park and learned other people may also have been involved in this crime. 

Officers say Taylor has been cooperative with this investigation. And theft charges are pending. 

Taylor is accused of stealing 26 cell phones worth over $5,000.

Police said they met with the victim on Sunday, June 21, after they received an entering auto and theft 911 call in the 1300 block of Christiana Drive. The victim told police that someone broke into her car and stole several items.

Police said the victim told them she worked for a cellular store and was preparing for a promotional event the day she discovered the theft.  According to police, 26 cell phones, several SIM cards, a car key, cash, the victim’s driver’s license and a speaker were stolen from inside her car.

Police said on June 23, 26 and 28, a woman visited the EcoATM machines inside the Gwinnett Place Mall and the Sugarloaf Mills Mall and sold all 26 phones to the machines. EcoATM machines allow customers to cell their un-used cell phones for cash, according to police.

Police said the suspect used the victim’s stolen driver’s license to complete the transaction and she likely received $10 - $200 for each of the phones depending on their value.

All 26 phones are now in police custody and will be returned to the cellular provider.