Police: Woman steals from patients for 6 years

Lawrenceville Police said a woman is behind bars after stealing from patients at Gwinnett Medical Center and it went on for about six years.

According to arrest warrants, 53-year-old Betsy Wilson is accused of stealing patient’s jewelry, ID’s, cash and other personal belongings from a holding area.

Three victims are listed in the arrest warrants, but investigators believe there are more victims.

“Anybody takes from the sick that doesn't make any sense,” said Doris Pratt whose son is listed as one of the victims in the warrant. Pratt said her 59-year-old son had a stroke while visiting friends in metro Atlanta last year. Pratt said because her son has not had a clear mind since the stroke, he could never tell her, his personal belongings were missing.

Gwinnett Medical Center issued this statement, which reads in part,

“Recently, GMC learned that someone who was responsible for maintaining personal patient property is alleged to have stolen that property from a holding area. As hospital officials take these allegations very seriously, we contacted the Lawrenceville Police Department to work with them.”

Police said Wilson worked in the security department and was assigned to investigate thefts and lost property. 

Police said as soon as the hospital learned of the thefts they jumped right on it and are cooperating with detectives as the investigation continues.