Police: Woman found dead in road in Atlanta

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Grove Park residents pray for peace on their streets following the murder of a young woman.

Residents said they heard rapid gunfire at 5:30 a.m. Thursday morning coming from the 1700 block of Hortense Place, but did not realize someone was dead until the sun came up. That is when a father of five went out to the street to see what was in the middle of the road. He did not want to reveal his name.

“I actually walked along this path and went straight to the person and all I saw was a body with blood,” the man said.

The father of five said he could tell the victim was a young woman in her early 20s and he wanted someone to be held accountable for her murder.

“She might be a mother, she is definitely someone's daughter, somebody's sister, so we got to find justice for her,” the husband and father said.

Two pastors walked the streets of Grove Park later in the day talking to residents and praying for healing in the transitional community that they said has so much promise.

“We are longing for peace on our streets, we are longing for safety,” Pastor Danny Iverson of the Shalom Community Church responded.

"We are seeing a lot of different things happen right now because it is very broken, things like violence do happen, but there is still hope. There is a lot of hope in this community," Pastor Michael Oteka said.

Atlanta Police have not identified the woman. Investigators said they have no motive or suspects.