Police warn of burglary crew targeting shoppers

South Fulton Police said a burglary crew has been targeting shoppers for the past two weeks across the Metro, and released surveillance of the vehicle to help find the suspects. 

Police said thieves in a white Nissan Maxima with Georgia tag WXF194 was spotted Sunday breaking into shoppers' vehicles at the Walmart off Old National Highway. 

Officers said the thieves have been going around the Metro targeting vehicles in shopping centers and places with numerous vehicles. 

Police said if you see the vehicle, call 911 immediately. 

Officers remind people to practice the following safety shopping tips: 

  • Do not let people see you stash presents in your vehicle and walk away
  • Make sure your weapons are locked and secured from thieves, or out of the vehicle
  • Stash your presents in your trunk before you reach your next shopping destination 
  • Drive the priciest items straight home from the store, such as electronics
  • Walk to your vehicle with your keys in your hand and stay off your cell phone