Police: Thieves rob, ambush a woman outside a recreation center

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Police are looking for two thieves accused of throwing a woman down to the ground before robbing her in the parking lot of a recreation center in southeast Atlanta.

The incident happened Thursday around 6 p.m. at the Rosel Fann Recreation Center on Cleveland Avenue, according to officers.

Sergeant John Chafee with the Atlanta Police Department spoke with FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell about the crime. He said the duo grabbed the woman's neck before slamming her down and stealing her purse and other valuables.

"This is a place where families should be able to go and feel safe. So, this is very concerning. We want to get these guys," Sgt. Chafee added.

Recreation officials told Mitchell they are working with APD to solve the case. The department is also checking for any available surveillance video at the facility or other places nearby that may shed more light on the incident, according to Sgt. Chafee.

The woman told officers she didn't get a good look at the thieves but she believes they are teenagers.