Police: Thief hides under car, valet runs over him

Atlanta police had a difficult time looking for a theft suspect. In the end a scream, his screams, gave his hiding place away.

The incident began with a crime of opportunity. An individual saw a hotel front desk temporarily unattended. He decided to grab cash from a drawer.

The suspect, identified as Maximilano Espino, was spotted before he made it out the front lobby. Police say he quickly dropped the hot cash and ran out the door.

Fearing police was about to stop him, Espino decided to flee to the parking garage and slide under a parked car.

What happened next would cause the suspect a lot of pain. The car he chose was in the valet section. An attendant came out to move that car.

He told police he immediately heard a lot of screaming. The car rolled over Espino's leg. Police say he managed to get to his feet and hop to another hiding space.

It was a dumpster and that is where police stopped him. They called the ambulance for the trip to Grady.