Police: Teen mom killed, father injured after shooting, attempted suicide

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A teenager is dead and another is in critical condition after a shooting an attempted suicide in Riverdale.

Family members say Doumba Sannoh had dreams of becoming a nurse and creating a better life for herself and her 8-month-old baby. She moved to America with her family from a refugee camp in Sierra Leone in 2005.

"Doumba's aspiration is to be a nurse," said her uncle Jaiah Kaikai. "She was looking to be a nurse practitioner.... because she was just that kind of person that liked to nurture."

Family members say Sonnah's relationship with the father of her child had been rocky over the last several months. "He's been verbally abusive, he's been treacherous...he broke her laptop...even her own mom is scared of him," said Sonnah's aunt Cecilia Collier.

Police say the 19-year-old man shot the 17-year-old mother of his child before turning the gun on himself.

Family members say Sonnah was making breakfast for her mother Sunday morning when, somehow, her ex-boyfriend got into the house on the 7600 block of Briar Crest Court.

"The mom jumped in the shower, the next thing she heard was 'pow, pow, pow,'" said Collier. "She thought it was the microwave."

Sonnah's mother found her downstairs with a gunshot wound. The family says the 19-year-old was nearby with a gunshot wound as well. Both were rushed to the hospital.

The young woman was pronounced dead after 11 a.m. The man is in critical condition at a local hospital.

The couple has an 8-month-old baby together, and family members say that they were arguing before the shooting.

Police said there is an active order of protection against the man that was obtained in February.

The child is currently with the victim's family.

Sonnah's family is asking for assistance for funeral expenses and supplies to take care of the 8-month-old baby she leaves behind. You can donate HERE.