Police: Target shoplifters via ID-ed social media

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Justin Scott Dewberry and Bryanna Lee Arrington (Courtesy: Peachtree City Police)

Police in Peachtree City said they solved a shoplifting case through the long-arm of social media.

FOX 5 News obtained the compelling surveillance video recorded by the security cameras at the Target in Peachtree City on Wednesday. Police said the video shows employees trying to stop a young woman who they suspected of shoplifting, but she refused to cooperate.

Police said the woman was attempting to leave the store without paying for a cart load of items.

During the scuffle, a man approached the employees and pulled the woman away. Police said the two got away in a silver sedan with no tags.

That might have been the end of the crime if not for police posting the video to their Facebook page. Within hours, the video went viral and police said the tips poured into their Facebook page.

Police have taken out arrest warrants for Justin Scott Dewberry and Bryanna Lee Arrington. Police said both are 22 and are from nearby Newnan.

Peachtree City Police said they also recently identified a Verizon Store burglary suspect who also lived in the community, a community made much smaller by social media.

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