Police Tackle Rash of East Atlanta Robberies

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Folks out and about on East Atlanta Village streets may notice more Atlanta Police officers, but will not see the undercover officers looking out for robbers. 

"We want to be out there- visible and in plain clothes," said Major Timothy Peek, commander of the Zone 6 Precinct for Atlanta Police, which covers Northeast, East and Southeast Atlanta neighborhoods. 

Last Friday night, police apprehended three robbers who they said allegedly targeted folks twice by the bars on Gresham Avenue; according to police, the crew went on a crime spree around local neighborhoods, and are connected to five robberies and at least one carjacking that night.

"We believe they are responsible for many more in that area," Peek said.

Peek sent a letter out to the community about the arrests, the search for possible accomplices and more robbers, and addressed the rash of crimes in the past month around nearby neighborhoods.

Officers have boosted patrols over the past few weeks. Atlanta Police Zone 6's Crime Map shows, since September, 18 robberies in the Grant Park, East Atlanta and other surrounding neighborhoods.

"Usually they're looking for an opportune time-- people by themselves, not aware of what's going on," Peek said.

Police advise pedestrians to park in well-lit areas and try to walk around in groups.