Police: Suspect with long rap sheet knocks officer unconscious

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Jayne and Steve Morrow heard their dog, Jody, barking in the middle of the night and knew something was wrong. Jayne peered out the back door and saw a stranger just feet from the door. She immediately called 911. 

Marietta Police were already on alert.  A few minutes earlier, about a half mile away, a homeowner called 911 after his doorbell surveillance camera caught a video of a man in his driveway, checking to see if any cars were unlocked. 

After the second 911 call, police knew where to search for the stranger. 

"Police were in our backyard, rushing our patio without any fear, they didn't know if anyone had a gun or not," said Steve Morrow.

Officers confronted the man. 

"The suspect was told to show his hands, he was held at gunpoint," said Marietta Police Officer Chuck McPhilamy. 

Police said the man tried to run. There was a scuffle. Officer Matthew Salyers went down.

"The suspect's knee hit him straight in the nose, breaking his nose and knocking him unconscious," McPhilamy said.

He was rushed to the hospital and is expected to be okay.  Other officers arrested 27-year-old Jordoan Myles.  He's charged with Prowling and Obstruction of an Officer. He's no stranger to jail.  Marietta Police said they've arrested him 12 times in the past decade, and have had contact with him on 43 occasions.

Police said without the notification of the doorbell video, and the Morrow's calling 911, they may not have captured him this time. 

"This is the prevention of a crime spree that would have happened overnight if no one would have said something," McPhilamy said. 

The Morrows give all the credit to the police. 

"They came to our rescue without considering what danger they could be in," said Jayne Morrow. 

Police said those words are good to hear on the last day of Officer Appreciation Week.