Police: Struggle over gun leaves 3 men dead

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A struggle over a gun leaves three men dead.

Dekalb County Police say late Tuesday night at least 10 shots were fired at the Indian Valley apartment complex off of Northern Avenue in unincorporated Clarkston. Two men died at the scene, the other was located about 100 yards away in the woodline.

Investigators think this all started as a robbery, telling FOX 5 the two men who died at the confrontation site appear to have been hanging out having a beer. Police believe the suspect walked up, pulled a gun and tried to rob them. 

The victims fought back and all three ended up getting shot.  The suspect robber tried to run away, but didn't get far. Officers followed a trail of blood and found him lying in some kudzu.

Police know the identity of the two robbery victims, but there names haven't been released.  There's no word if they lived in the complex. 

The suspected robber's identity is unknown. 

No one else was hurt and no cars or apartments were hit in the hail of bullets.