Police: Stolen luxury cars found at Buford Highway motel

Brookhaven police have arrested three men and recovered nearly $400,000 in luxury cars at a Buford Highway motel.

Police say the arrests happened on Friday, Jan. 31 after officers were alerted to be on the lookout for a stolen Rolls Royce.

A short time later, officers say they found the car and two Maseratis behind a Buford Highway motel. During an investigation of the vehicles, officers say they determined all three were stolen from a dealership in Texas and started surveillance.

Eventually, police say three men returned to the hotel and entered the cars. That's when the officers revealed themselves and took the three men into custody.

The suspects have been identified as 31-year-old Yves Amakon, 30-year-old Lester Price Jr. and 24-year-old Julian Callahan.

The total cost of the vehicles was nearly $400,000.

All three men are now charged with theft by receiving stolen property.