Police: Stockbridge clerks wrangles gun away

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A Stockbridge clerk said he reacted without thinking about the potential life or death consequences, snatching a loading pistol out of the hands of a dangerous robber.

Henry County Police shared pictures of this slippery-handed crook to get him behind bars before he strikes again.

WATCH: Clerks shows how he disarmed would-be robber

Monday, Akhdar Ali recounted the potential life or death encounter with a man who had a gun and straddled the counter, demanding the money in the till.

“This window was open. And he reached in. He was there and he laid down from there to here,” said Ali as he demonstrated how the gunman reached the bullet resistant window.

He said instead of handing over cash he reached for the robbers gun, a .22 caliber revolver according to Henry County Police Department.

“And I snatched the gun from the barrel and just bend [his hand],” said Ali. “|Then he wanted to try snatch the gun from me and I tried to, finally I got the gun."

Police describe the robber as a white man in his early 20s, about 130' pounds, wearing a red ball cap with paint stained jeans, fled on foot.

The robbery occurred just before seven at night on Thursday February 9.

Police said they dusted for fingerprints and took the loaded revolver as evidence.

Sgt. Danny Gibbs with the Henry County Police Department said Mr. Ali was lucky.

“It’s taking your own life into your own hands,” said Sgt. Gibbs.

He said the gunman first asked to buy a cigar, but when Mr. Ali asked for ID he went to get some gum before coming up to the counter where he pulled the gun.

Police don’t recommend clerks do what Mr. Ali did if they come face to face with the gunman again.

“We’re hoping to catch this guy before he does this to somebody else and it could turn out worse the second time he does it,” said Sgt. Gibbs.

Akhdar Ali said he now realizes neither his life nor anyone else’s is worth struggling over money.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Henry County Police Department.

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