Police: Steer found headless in pasture

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They called him “Little Red.” The 3-and-a-half-year-old Longhorn Steer was like a part of Justin Silver’s family. So, when the Floyd County man found him slaughtered in his pasture, Silver wanted to know why.

Silver said he is not necessarily looking to punish anyone, but he does want to know why anyone would do such a heartbreaking thing? Silver said he found Little Red on his 15-acre plot of land along Chulio Road. The bovine’s head was cut off and is now missing.

Floyd County Police said they believe someone first shot the animal and then beheaded it, possibly taking it as a trophy.

Silver said the head alone likely weighs about 150 pounds and would likely be coveted for its horns.

Police said if there was any evidence left behind, the rain over the last few days washed it away. They fear the person responsible could do it again.

The culprit or culprits could face criminal trespassing and animal cruelty among other charges if caught.