Police: Son accused of strangling parents to death, lighting house on fire

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It's been nearly six months since a husband and wife were strangled and left in a burning home back in July. Now Atlanta police have arrested the woman's son, 47-year-old Keith Sylvester.

Authorities say Harry and Deborah Hubbard were killed on Harvel Drive in Northwest Atlanta the early morning of July 3. 

By the time firefighters arrived, flames had already eaten away at half the house.  Firefighters pushed their way through the flames and made the heartbreaking discovery. 

"We made a quick search and discovered the bodies. They were covered in heavy debris," said Atlanta Fire Chief Randall Slaughter.

Investigators initially believed that the Hubbards died in the house fire, but they say later evidence shows that the couple was strangled to death, with Deborah Hubbard having a cord around her neck.

Family members told FOX 5 the couple had moved to Atlanta recently. They had planned to retire in the area and live out the rest of their days. Both were retired veterans.

After an investigation, police arrested Sylvester for killing his mother and stepfather. They said it is likely they were still alive when the house was set on fire.

Sylvester is in custody at the Fulton County Jail after being charged with two counts of murder.