Police Search for Suspects after Forsyth County Family Targeted by Arsonists

Forsyth County fire investigators are asking why a family was targeted twice by arsonists this summer.

The family, who lives in a subdivision off Hurt Bridge Road, would not answer the door for FOX 5 Wednesday evening, although neighbors said they are upset over the crimes.

Investigators said a gay pride flag and a car have been torched in the two incidents, causing thousands of dollars in damages.

"This shouldn't have happened in our neighborhood," one neighbor said. Plenty of neighbors call the family good neighbors who are long-time residents.

The first incident happened days after the legalization of gay marriage; deputies at the time told FOX 5 the family had hung the flag in celebration of the event, but days later, found the flag burned on top of their vehicle outside their home.

On August 26, fire investigators said someone torched their vehicle, also parked outside their home, and caused damages to cause a total loss of the vehicle.

"We're looking at several particular motives. We're not settled on a particular motive at this time," said Division Chief Barry Head. 

Investigators are still asking the public for tips in solving this crime.