Police search for smooth talking bank robber

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She's a smooth talking, calm and collected, a robber who likes banks in grocery stores.

Police in DeKalb and Henry counties are looking for the woman after she robbed SunTrust banks in Publix stores in both locations.

Major Mike Ireland with the Henry County Police Department showed FOX 5 News video of the woman when she was robbing the SunTrust Bank inside the Publix on Eagles Landing Parkway.

"You see the young lady walked in," Major Ireland said as he pointed to the computer screen.

He said she walked into the Publix last Friday night when a lot of people were in the store. She then walked to the SunTrust Bank kiosk.

"She went to the little Kiosk over here where she filled the little note out," said Major Ireland.

He said she wrote a holdup note on a deposit slip she presented to the teller at the grocery store SunTrust Bank.

"It basically said give me $100s, $50s and $20s and no one will get hurt," said Major Ireland.

He said the woman in dark sunglasses and a blue dress walked out as calmly as she had walked in, leaving with $4,500 cash.

Andrea Gerard, a shopper at the Publix, was surprised by the brazen bank robber.

"Cool as a cucumber, wow than she's a professional has to be or is getting to professional level status," said Gerard.

Police said the same woman robbed a SunTrust Bank inside a Publix near Emory University in DeKalb County by presenting a similar holdup note a week before robbing the Henry County SunTrust, 35 miles away.

"In DeKalb County, she's dressed in a hat," said Major Ireland.

In both instances, she robbed grocery store banks with lots of people around.

"So she just kind of blends in with the regular customers. It would be less for her to be identified," said Major Ireland.

He said the woman got away in a dark colored Nissan Versa, tag unknown. Major Ireland said her cool demeanor points to another robbery.

"It's a possibility she might be doing it again," said Major Ireland.

"Hopefully like she really needs to be found," said Gerard.

Henry County Police said the woman never showed a weapon.

They're asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 404-577-TIPS or police in Henry County or DeKalb County.

There could be a $2,000 reward involved and tippers can remain anonymous.