Police search for man who fired at police

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Atlanta Police are searching for a man considered armed and dangerous after he fired at officers Wednesday morning. The activity has centered near the 500 Northside apartment complex.

Residents said the man in grainy video has been seen in the area behaving erratically. Police said he took another turn toward the dangerous side when he followed Kenya Price and her four children to the laundry room.

“He was just pacing back and forth for hours, so I got my phone out and started filming because he was circling my house. My children were terrified. It was just a horrible experience,” said Kenya Price.

When officers responded to a neighbor’s 911 call police said the man pulled a weapon.

“I could see the young man the young man running and the police after him. At that point he turned around and started firing shots and then the officers exchanged shots,” said Ms. Price.

Andrea Heber, one of her friends, was upset about the man's disregard for safety.

“He opened fire right here when there were children inside. He needs to be caught,” said Heber.

Some of the slugs police said hit a car. None of the officers were hurt. The man eluded capture from canines in the woods and officers scouring the complex in the morning then later in the afternoon. Police said he reportedly held a maintenance man at gunpoint Tuesday. They were also looking into reports he approached a five year old boy and handed him two hundred dollars cash.

“I'm leaning at this point toward potentially a mental illness. It doesn't make the impact of a bullet any less but what we're hearing, the behavior seems rather erratic,” said Deputy Chief Erika Shields, with the Atlanta Police Department.

It was erratic behavior from a man who has shaken the complex community with his dangerous unpredictability.

“I Know everyone for sure has their doors locked and looking out for each other tonight. I hope APD can capture him soon,” said concerned resident Jarrett Wilson.

Atlanta Police said they were not sure if the man had been injured in the cross fire he had with police.